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At KLO, our reporting procedures inform parents of what the student is able to do in relation to the curriculum learning targets.  This process includes student strengths, areas for growth, and next steps to assist students in achieving goals and building skills.  

KLO has two different ways of formally reporting student progress:

Students may receive three formal report cards which communicate student progress with the curricular competencies and content within each subject. Two interim reports will also be sent home throughout the year. These reports communicate a student's progress with their work habits. The dates for these reports are listed in the parent handbook and on the school calendar.

Students may also receive an alternate form of communicating student progress. In accordance with the BC Ministry Reporting order, many teachers are moving toward a model of communicating student learning that is focused on timely, continuous, and descriptive feedback throughout the year that is not necessarily aligned with traditional reporting periods.  Teachers using this model of reporting will clearly communicate with students and parents to ensure a clear understanding of information regarding student progress. For more information on this provincial initiative, please click here.

The ability for students to recognize their own strengths and areas for improvement are critical to establishing student ownership over their learning.  Self-assessments are an important part of our students strengthening their understanding of their own learning.

At the end of each school year the Ministry of Education has mandated that all students complete a self-assessment of the Core Competencies.  Core competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep lifelong learning.  These competencies have been integrated into your child's learning and KLO has built purposeful reflection days into our schedule to allow students opportunities to build these skill sets

At various times throughout the year the school schedules parent/teacher conference days, however parents may arrange individual or group meetings with teachers to discuss academic and/or personal issues at any time.

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