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Indigenous Education

 Medicine Wheel.jpgKLO has three Indigenous Student Advocates on staff; we are Ben Cousins, April Mercereau and Katy Leslie. We work together from the Gathering Room. The Gathering Room is located in room number 42. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to visit, so together we can create a community that your child and family will be proud to be a part of. You can find us Monday to Friday from 8:30-4:00. The hours may vary slightly due to meetings and off site commitments.


Using the teachings of the Four Food Chiefs as our guide:

We support children, fostering intellectual and cultural growth through an Indigenous mindset.   We empower each student to explore and strengthen their personal identity.

 We offer cultural opportunities that strengthen home, school and community connections.

 We support our students to nurture healthy relationships that promote their health and wellness that will inspire confidence and a sense of community with others.

Ben Cousins: 
  Phone: 250-870-5106 ext. 6393
Katy Leslie: 
  Phone: 250-870-5106 ext. 4584

For more information about the Central Okanagan School District program visit the district Indigenous Education website.